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‘Your insurance company must love you’ – Ross Chastain’s stunning proposal leaves legend and NASCAR fans delirious

Since Ross Chastain pulled off that stunt at Martinsville, the Cup Series driver’s fame has exploded beyond bounds. Recently, well-known YouTuber Cleetus McFarlane suggested he host a race this weekend and invited everyone, including Chastain, to join us. However, there was a twist.


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Cleetus McFarland said: “@rosschastain this is a direct line to you to come and race the 2.4 Hours of LeMullets this Sunday November 20th. We have a car for you and a partner, but there will be no wall riding!!!! Actually …ALL NASCAR guys who want to come race send me a DM and I’ll get a Crown Vic setup for you this weekend.


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McFarland’s post accompanied some photos from the track, where he sees a bunch of sharp cones stuck to the walls of the track. The main joke surrounding the event was that no one would be allowed to climb the wall during the event.

Fans and riders react to Cleetus McFarland idea

Fans and a few other riders couldn’t contain their laughter after witnessing what McFarland had done to the outside walls of the track. As some of them burst out laughing, others offered up how Chastain should actually be there. Some fans have also suggested replacing the pointed cones with rollers to see how fast someone can roll down the wall.

MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA – OCTOBER 30: Ross Chastain, driver of the #1 Moose Fraternity Chevrolet, rides the wall during the final lap of the NASCAR Cup Series Xfinity 500 at Martinsville Speedway on October 30, 2022 in Martinsville, Virginia. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Mark Martin posted a laughing emoji.

Josh Bilicki Racing said: “Yo Cleetus McFarland, I can’t DM you cause Facebook won’t let me, but I’m down!!”

The others said, “I hope you have some who will accept the invitation! I know my child and I would.

“Ross is Florida’s No. 1 man in NASCAR, and his hometown is not far from Bradenton. He would be a great addition to any FF race.

“Your insurance company must love you.”

“Was it time Western Champlin got an invite?”


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“The new technique of wall riding has just met its match”

“Exactly the kind of energy the Freedom Factory was built for! I see a Science Channel episode in the future where you put Teflon sliding blocks on the side of a Vic and see how fast you can climb on the wall”

“Put rollers on the wall, it’ll be more fun to see how fast these fks can really go”


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Would you be interested in watching the iconic Watermelon Man race at this event? Let us know in the comments.