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When was the last time your insurance company refunded you money?

‘HMA The BENEFITS People’ Insurance Brokerage in Orillia Offers Clients Profit Sharing Option

As an advisor to HMA The BENEFITS People in Orillia, John Atkinson is committed to serving the needs of local businesses, individuals and families in Simcoe County and across Ontario.

Atkinson is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and Third Generation Insurance Professional with over 25 years of experience helping business owners protect their employees, families, health and livelihoods. with insurance options that will give them peace of mind.

Customers receive a share of the surplus

HMA The BENEFITS People is a nationally recognized brokerage firm with its own exclusive benefits program known as 3G. It is a group benefits model that combines the security of a fully insured plan with profit sharing and loyalty dividends.

John Atkinson said: “Benefit pricing is based on what the insurance company expects you to claim over the coming year. If you claim less than expected, which means you have been profitable for the insurance company, the insurance company has the right to keep the profit. But with 3G Benefits, we will return up to 50% of this benefit to the customer.

With auto and home insurance, you hope to have no claims throughout the year. But with group health and dental insurance, when you pay a premium, it is assumed that a portion of those premiums will be used to cover drug, medical, and dental costs.

This is how HMA Profit Sharing works

Let’s say a company spends $100,000 on employee benefits each year. It is anticipated that approximately 80% or $80,000 would be used to pay claims. However, the company only had $60,000 in claims. So now there’s a difference of $20,000. Atkinson said, “HMA’s 3G program will share a portion of that $20,000 with the customer. Typically, this is something an insurance company would not do.

Typically, an insurance company would say they did their math and thought you were going to spend that much, so they’ll keep the difference.

Atkinson said, “We are very proud of the profit sharing program. We take great pride in putting money back in the hands of our customers as often as possible. It is very rare for insurance companies to put money back into people’s pockets.

HMA has a top notch customer care record

HMA is an insurance brokerage firm with a high retention rate. On a historical basis, that’s a retention rate of 95 to 98%. In fact, HMA The BENEFITS People is recognized annually provincially and nationally by the insurance industry for its growth and customer retention.

Benefits as an incentive to attract and retain employees

With the labor shortage we are facing, many employers are having difficulty hiring employees. Raising hourly wages is not the only incentive offered by companies.

Atkinson said, “Companies also offer company-sponsored benefits and RRSPs, which we also provide. These incentives help employees decide which jobs to take. HMA also sells life, disability and critical illness insurance.

HMA is committed to the community

John Atkinson is passionate about helping his community. He sponsors and runs a golf tournament in support of the Grandview Children’s Centre. John was a board member of the Lighthouse Shelter in Orillia. He was also a member of the Ontario Provincial Police Service and a volunteer firefighter with the Oro-Medonte Fire Department.

HMA is committed to your side

HMA The BENEFITS People is a brokerage firm that works with all major insurers and several boutique insurance companies, focusing on providing the best insurance options to their customers.

HMA also has a suite of exclusive products that fill a void in the industry. John Atkinson will create the most competitive packages for his clients. He is committed to putting the needs of his clients first. Atkinson said, “I will always do what’s right and not just what’s easy. I will give my unwavering support to every individual and organization that places their trust in me.

Contact John Atkinson at: (905) 431-0497 or email: [email protected]