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No one wants to think about having to make an insurance claim, something that usually happens during tough times. Finding a reliable and experienced insurance company when moving to another country with a different language can make the process even more stressful. However, if you are an expat in Spain and need policy information to protect yourself, your family, your property or your business, Bsure insurance brokers have the best knowledge and experience to advise you.

Prioritizing personal, honest and professional customer service, rather than focusing on growing sales, you can have peace of mind that family business Bsure Insurance puts your best interests at the heart of everything it does. do. This includes their auto, travel, business, commercial and life insurance policies, giving you one-stop, reliable coverage you and your loved ones can count on when needed.

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Car insurance with Bsure Insurance

Whether you are looking for comprehensive or third party fire and theft quotes, by using Bsure insurance brokers you are assured of excellent cover at the best price.

Bsure insurance brokers have great options for young drivers, giving you peace of mind that new drivers will be safe and fully covered. This policy is particularly important as it can be difficult to insure drivers under 25 in Spain.

If you are someone who likes to invest in the best cars on the market, with features such as high quality interior materials and accessories, Bsure Insurance specializes in luxury vehicle policies so you can be sure that your investment is safe. This also covers very affordable policies for motorcycles, including high-value, high-powered bikes.

One of the main advantages of taking out car insurance through Bsure Insurance is that it can offer the option of premium protection. This means that if you have an accident and it is your “own fault”, i.e. you caused the accident, your premium for the following year will not increase and your claim will not increase. will have no negative effect on the renewal premium.

Travel insurance with Bsure Insurance

Travel insurance is extremely important, even more so since the Covid pandemic. We never know what might happen when they are away from home and no one wants to be stuck in another country only to find that their accident or illness is not covered, especially in these still uncertain times. Bsure Insurance can provide medical coverage in Europe, Asia, the United States or anywhere else in the world.

The team offers tailor-made travel insurance policies for their clients, including emergency medical consultations, ambulance cover, all travel costs related to hospitalization and all medical expenses including those related to Covid.

Professional liability insurance with Bsure Insurance

The Spanish government now makes it compulsory for the majority of new businesses to have professional indemnity insurance. If a customer believes you have acted negligently, the threat of litigation and high costs will be very stressful for the entire company. When a customer sues a business for unsatisfactory service, liability insurance can protect you against such claims and cover defense costs and compensation.

There are many professions and complicated risks that require various clauses added, this is where a broker like Bsure will be able to communicate with underwriters to explain the necessary requirements.

Bsure Insurance covers negligence claims on your behalf or on behalf of your staff, including court costs, attorneys’ fees and compensation, giving you peace of mind that your business is represented fairly and professional.

Commercial insurance with Bsure Insurance

Bsure Insurance offers businesses of all sizes a full range of commercial insurance products in Spain for businesses in the hospitality, legal and consultancy sectors, as well as large manufacturing and construction operations. Insurance brokers will assess risk, provide quotes for coverage including theft, third party and employer’s liability and damage to property, inventory and contents.

Life insurance with Bsure Insurance

If you have people who depend on you, having life insurance is essential. No one wants to think about death and what will happen to our loved one’s financial security, but it is something we need to plan for.

Bsure Insurance offers a single fixed annual premium with a ten-year plan. This means you’ll know precisely what you’ll be paying and won’t be surprised by yearly increases. These policies cover accidental death, transportation and travel, critical illness and permanent or temporary disability.

Learn more about Bsure insurance brokers

The Weekly Euro News spoke to Bsure Insurance Director David Bloomfield about why you should trust the team to take care of insurance policies for you and your loved ones.

  • What is your background in the field and how long have you been with the company?

“After my degree in business administration in 2006, I worked in London for Zurich Professional in the area of ​​civil liability for lawyers (commercial side). Then I moved to QBE and delegated underwriting, which involved managing back-office insurance processes. »

“In 2008 I returned to Spain and graduated as an insurance broker at the Colegio de Mediadores. This allowed our family business to have access to the entire insurance market and not to a single company, which was the case since we were at the time an exclusive insurance agent.

“I started working in the family business in 2009 and have been building the business since, including moving from a home office to a spacious office in El Rosario in 2015. We also hired Araceli in 2014 , who handles all aspects of the but now focuses primarily on claims.In 2017 we hired Rachel to help with sales and administration.

  • What distinguishes the company from other insurance companies in Spain?

“Our friendly and personalized service. As brokers, we work on behalf of clients to find the best policy and we also have options for clients who are unhappy with their previous or current insurer. For example, in the current economic climate, health insurance prices are rising sharply – but we can effectively transfer clients to other companies with better rates without needing to change agents.

  • What insurance do you specialize in?

“Health, housing, car, travel and professional civil liability are our specialties.

  • Why should expats choose Bsure for their insurance policies?

“We have access to the entire insurance market and a dedicated claims handler that you can call anytime. We have 30 years of insurance experience and offer the best prices and renewal flexibility to switch companies for better rates or better coverage.

  • How can customers benefit from your insurance policy packs and what is the most popular pack?

“We recommend that you have your car and your house with the same insurer because, in the event of a claim, the insurer will consider you a VIP client. When you bundle multiple insurance policies, you can save money on our already competitive rates.

“The same goes for all insurance policies with a single broker or agent. It’s always best to have your health and travel with the same broker as your car and home, since you’ll only have one point of contact for claims and questions.

  • Is it easy to make a claim with Bsure Insurance?

“With a dedicated complaints handler in our office with many years of experience, who clients have access to at all times, making a complaint with us is simple.”

What Bsure Insurance Brokers customers have to say

“We were recommended by Bsure when we moved to Spain nine years ago. I have had them since. Excellent service, friendliness and professionalism at all times. The best insurance company I have had in the world.
Richard Palo

“The comfort of knowing that when you become a customer of this personally run family business, any questions or issues, big or small, are always handled in a friendly, efficient and professional manner. Living abroad and needing to know that your insurance is in good hands is very reassuring.
Saad and Jenny Kaka

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