Insurance company

The local insurance company is the basis of community altruism

Sam Desmond

A sure sign of spring is the myriad of car washes at the Geoghan Insurance building at 870 Montauk Highway.

For over 25 years, the Geoghan family has humbly and happily served the community by allowing what seems like every sports team possible, from Little League to college football, to use their expansive driveway for good fundraisers. old fashioned group car wash.

At the time of the interview, Geoghan had been booked for a car wash every weekend until June, with calls coming in every day.

The car wash usually lasts four hours, on Saturday or Sunday when the office is closed, on the east side of the building where the water connection is.

Kathy, the family’s beloved office manager, has been in her job for over 36 years and enjoys booking car washes for community members.

“Sunday is the biggest day,” Kathy said.

Family patriarch Walter P. Geoghan served as the first grand marshal of the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and willingly invested in the community as a thank you for his successful business now owned by his three sons, who in total have sent nearly a dozen Geoghans to the BBP school district, making it a staple of towns.

Established in 1957, the Geoghan Insurance Building has been an integral part of Montauk Highway in Bayport for generations of BBP.

Sheila Gayle Geoghan, the family matriarch, was a teacher from Sayville and just as involved in the community as her husband.

When the community was asked what they remembered most of the car washes held in the Geoghan building, they replied: ‘the fun’, ‘the warmth’, ‘practical jokes about each other’ , “the excitement of earning money for our fundraiser,” and “laughing with friends.”

Typically, community groups charge a nominal fee of $5 per car wash and often sell merchandise from their team.

Jane Geoghan, who is married to Walter’s son John, recalls a year when the cheerleading squad donned bathing suits and caused some anger among more conservative members of the community.

“My niece was one of them,” Jane said. “I thought they looked great!”

With a long family history of giving back to the community, the Geoghans hold a special place in the hearts of BBP residents, making their name synonymous with charity and helping hand.

“We really have a heart for this type of work,” Jane said. “We invite everyone to use our building to help with something important to them.”