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The Basics of Managing Home and Auto Insurance Claims During the Winter Storm – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

As sleet and freezing rain fell in North Texas, insurance agents braced themselves for a series of winter weather questions.

“We’re preparing for a lot of phone calls,” said Mark Tucker, an insurance agent at Allstate. “Your power can go out, you could knock tree branches down, there’s a lot of different things that can happen.”

Ice damage to houses

If an ice dam is keeping winter precipitation from draining off your roof and you’re experiencing leaks inside your attic or home, Ben Gonzalez of the Texas Department of Insurance says your insurance company Insurance will want you to do what you can to safely avoid water damage.

“That means you need to cover those holes as soon as you can. Use tarps, use plywood and save your receipts,” Gonzalez said.

Ice sticking to tree branches is another risk in this winter storm.

“If a branch is covered in ice, it might have looked perfectly healthy in the spring, but right now it’s dry. It can fall and hit your roof or hit your vehicle,” Gonzalez said.

As sleet and freezing rain fell in North Texas, insurance agents braced themselves for a series of winter weather questions.

What happens if a neighbour’s ice-covered tree causes damage?

Gonzalez said it was a common question to the TDI hotline: “My neighbor’s tree fell, hit my roof or hit my car. You always make the claim to your own insurance because your neighbor is not responsible for an act of nature.

You can reach someone at the TDI Consumer Helpline here.

If you need to file a claim, take photos and videos to send to the insurance company. Send them too to create a recording.

Car accidents in winter

Car wrecks in these conditions bring a particular set of challenges.

“No matter how good you are as a pilot, you can’t fly an airplane through ice,” Gonzalez said.

If you are in a wreck with injuries or the driver takes off, call 911.

Otherwise, try to get videos and photos if it’s safe. Other cars could run into you and it may be more important to get off the road.

The information you need are driver’s license, insurance and license plate numbers if there is another vehicle involved in the wreck.

“There’s definitely a possibility that there will be more single-car crashes where you won’t run into someone else. You just lost control of the car and slid into a side railing or the someone else’s property,” Gonzalez said.

If you have the minimum required liability coverage, your insurance will not pay to repair your car. For this you will need collision coverage or comprehensive coverage.

Although your insurance may provide you with a list of body shops to perform repairs, you can take your car anywhere.

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