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Texas Judge Says HIV PrEP Insurance Coverage Violates Religious Freedom

The pill that violates your religious rights… apparently.

You read that title correctly. Supposedly someone taking medication to protect their own personal health is a violation of someone else’s religious freedom. And make no mistake: it affects more than just LGBTQIA+. It is a public health problem that concerns ALL of us.


A backpack lawyer named Jonathan Mitchell has filed a lawsuit in Texas arguing that his plaintiffs who pay into a health insurance policy that covers PrEP are violating their religious beliefs on the basis that it “allows and encourages homosexual behavior” and apparently they don’t. Never mind the fact that PrEP saves lives and there really are heterosexuals taking it too. Apparently, PrEP is a slippery slope that will lead to gay sex on the streets while reading books banned for 3rd graders in the wrong bathrooms…or something like that.

The 42 pages governing by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Conner says, “The PrEP warrant violates Braidwood’s rights under [Religious Freedom Restoration Act].”

This judge’s shower bubble (a parody of the term) isn’t new to this kind of ridiculous behavior according to the lawyer who is writing:

O’Connor’s decision comes as no surprise to seasoned observers.

A coalition of conservative groups sued the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to allow them to discriminate on religious grounds, and O’Connor decided in 2021 that they could continue. This is despite the Supreme Court extending job protections to LGBTQ+ people a year earlier. Additionally, O’Connor struck down Obama-era health insurance protections for LGBTQ+ people and ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional (the Supreme Court later reversed O’Connor’s rulings). ‘Connor).


Sure, I could probably go the extra mile and cringe tearing my clothes off, but I’m too exhausted from the constant onslaught of these people. People who want their “rights and freedoms” to be guaranteed at all costs, fuck those of others. Even if it means abusing the legal system to gain their rights…and their perceived enemies.


If they are looking for preventive drugs like this for religious reasons, they will surely come looking for HIV drugs for those who already have the disease, on the pretext that it prevents God’s will that these people be punished and die.

I am one of those people. And your God does not kill me despite your best wishes for my death.