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Reddit’s best little-known tips for car insurance

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Could these tips from Reddit help drivers save on insurance coverage?

Key points

  • Reddit is a popular social platform where people offer advice.
  • Many Reddit users have given advice on buying auto insurance.
  • These tips could help drivers save money and ensure they have the right coverage.

Car insurance is important for all drivers. Most states require insurance coverage by law, and it protects motorists against loss of property in the event of an accident or other incident. However, buying car insurance can be complicated and expensive, so it pays to find advice on how to get the best coverage at a fair price.

Reddit is a place to look for suggestions for getting the right insurance and saving money in the process. Reddit is a community where people share advice and ask questions, and there have been many threads on Reddit devoted to making smart choices when it comes to car insurance.

Here are some of the best suggestions Reddit users have made.

Be careful about the job title you choose

When drivers apply for insurance, they are asked to state their occupation. Many Reddit users suggest selecting the job title carefully, as it can impact insurance rates.

“I knew a guitarist who spent more time teaching than playing. He changed his insurance profession from ‘musician’ to ‘music teacher’ and saved an absolute fortune,” wrote one Redditor.

Of course, it’s always important to be honest when filling out an application. But, as Reddit users explained in the thread, there are often many potential titles a person could choose that describe their work. It can be helpful to get multiple quotes with each of the different potential job titles to see if an option results in cheaper coverage.

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Get the annual discount with a 0% APR card

Many car insurers offer a discount for the annual payment of insurance premiums. Drivers who can afford to pay all at once can benefit from these savings – but what about people who can’t come up with hundreds of dollars at once (or don’t want to)?

A Reddit user has a clever suggestion. The Redditor said he was going to apply for a credit card with a 0% APR purchase and use the card to pay all insurance premiums up front.

“Wouldn’t it make sense to just get this card and pay for my annual insurance and get the two benefits of a lower premium while paying monthly rather than losing a huge amount of money right away?” asked the Redditor, and many more agreed.

Of course, drivers trying this technique should make sure they don’t miss any payments and pay off their card balance in full before the 0% rate expires. But setting up automatic payments to do so would be just as easy as setting up automatic monthly car insurance payments — and it would come with the added benefit of credit card rewards.

Shop often for insurance quotes

A Reddit user who was “a supervisor at one of the largest insurance companies in the United States” offered a hugely important tip for drivers. “Do the rounds every year or two,” the Reddit user advised. “Insurance rates change quite frequently, especially as cars become more and more expensive to repair.”

The Redditor went on to explain that rate increases are common, but motorists can often get better rates by shopping around each year. “Make these quotes directly from company websites, but not from an aggregator website, as these tend not to be the most accurate,” the user suggested.

Each of these three tips can help motorists save on insurance while getting the right coverage, so the suggestions are definitely worth listening to.

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