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Questions your insurance company might ask after an accident

The more prepared you are to answer the insurance company’s questions, the faster your claim can be processed. Insurance companies may try to discredit your car accident claim to save money. It can be difficult to answer some questions without first finding some information. Other questions could be used to trick you. Speaking with a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney can help avoid auto insurance pitfalls.

Common questions from car insurance agents

Keeping in mind the goals of car insurance agents can help you better navigate their questions. The primary goals of an auto insurance car accident investigation are what guide their questions. These goals include:

  • Determine if your car accident claim is valid
  • Know if you’ve exaggerated your damage
  • Decide how much to compensate

Some insurance companies will try to give you less compensation than you need. Others will use confusing language to achieve this same goal. Avoid signing agreements before knowing what you are signing or talking to a lawyer first.

Common questions you can expect from these lenses include:

  • Where the accident happened
  • Why the other driver is responsible for the accident
  • Accident details

Your insurance agent may dispute your claim with various questions about evidence, conflicting facts, and holes in your claim. Collecting as much evidence as possible will help you avoid these kinds of questions. When you have evidence and information, you can answer these questions with confidence.

What can you ask your car insurance agent?

Many people also wonder what they should ask their car insurance agent. When it comes to auto accident claim matters, you want to focus on your needs and how the agreement will impact you. This will help you assess what you might receive from your accident claim.

To do this, ask questions about:

  • How long your accident claim will take to process
  • What damage are you covered for?
  • If there is a deadline for your complaint
  • Your deductibles

Asking about the evidence your insurance agent needs can help expedite your claim. Find out exactly what information, documents and evidence your insurance agent needs. It can save you a lot of time. The sooner you submit evidence, the sooner your application can be processed.

When your application is delayed or denied for unknown or strange reasons, don’t be afraid to question that as well. Ask why your application was delayed or denied. If you’re getting strange responses or being ignored, consider contacting a Jackson auto accident attorney to see what you can do. A lawyer might be able to negotiate or sue the insurance company.

Jackson Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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