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Phone numbers for insurance companies to report damage from Hurricane Ian

Here are the phone numbers, websites, and email addresses for property insurance companies serving Florida. Unless they require emergency repairs, policyholders are advised to first contact their insurers for damage claims before assigning their benefit rights to repair contractors. Most of the companies listed below allow policyholders to initiate claims on their websites. Not all companies list email addresses on their websites.

Policyholders requiring assistance with claims are urged to call the Florida Department of Financial Services Insurance Claims Hotline toll-free at 877-693-5236.



American Platinum IARD — Phone: 800-425-9113 or 954-958-1200. Web: Email: [email protected]

American strategic insurance company. — Phone: 866-274-5677. Web: Email via online portal:


Assurant (American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida) — Web: Phone: 800-358-0600.

Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida — Auto and home insurance Telephone: 800-929-4333. Flood claims: 800-759-8656. Web: Email for auto and home insurance: [email protected] Flood Insurance Email: [email protected]

Bankers Insurance Group — Phone: 727-308-0496. Web: Email: [email protected]

Castle Key Indemnity and Castle Key Insurance — Web: Phone: 800-255-7828.

Citizens Property & Casualty Corporation — Web: Phone: 866-411-2742. Email via web portal:

Edison Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 888-683-7971. Email: [email protected]

FedNat insurance company — Web: Phone: 800-293-2532.

Florida Family Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 888-486-4663. Email: [email protected]


Florida Peninsula Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 866-549-9672. Email: [email protected]

Front line insurance — Web: Phone: 866-673-0623. Email via online portal:

Property and heritage accident insurance — Web: Phone: 855-415-7120. Request emergency repair services through the web portal:

Property and Casualty Insurance Owners’ Choice — Web: Phone: 866-324-3138. Email: [email protected]

Monarch National Insurance — Web: Phone: 800-293-2532.

Olympus Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 866-281-2242. Email: [email protected]


Progressive Property Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 800-776-4737. Email via web portal:

Safe Harbor Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 866-482-5246. Email: [email protected]

Safety first insurance — Web: Phone: 877-581-4862.

Southern Oak Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 877-900-3971. Email via web portal:

Florida State Farm — Web: Phone: 800-732-5246.

Tower Hill Insurance — Web: Phone: 800-342-3407. Email: [email protected]


TypTap Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 844-289-7968. Email: [email protected]

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 888-256-3378. Email via web portal:

United Services Automobile Association — Web: Phone: 800-531-8722.

P&C Universal Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 800-470-0599.

American Coastal Property & Casualty Insurance Company — Web: Phone: 866-482-5246. Email: [email protected]

Vyrd — Web: Phone: 844-217-6993.


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Weston Insurance — Web: Phone: 877-505-3040. Email: [email protected]

Flood insurance

Contact your P&C insurer if they handle your National Flood Insurance Program policy. If you’re not sure which company handles your policy, call the National Flood Insurance Program at 877-336-2627. The following companies also sell NFIP policies and excessive flood policies:

Neptune Flood — Web: Phone: 727-202-4815. Email: [email protected]

Flurry of rockets — Phone: 888-871-2237.

The Flood Insurance Agency — Web: Phone: 877-356-6348. Email: [email protected]

Wright Flood — Web: Phone: 800-725-9472. Email: [email protected]


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