Insurance coverage

Paxman Releases WADA Resolutions Newsletter to Advocate for Universal Scalp Cooling Insurance Coverage

This month’s issue highlights that the American Medical Association (AMA) resolved to advocate and pursue, through legislation and/or regulation, universal insurance coverage for scalp cooling therapy at the annual meeting of its principal decision-making body House of Delegates (HOOD). At the meeting, the AMA also resolved to work with consumer and advocacy groups to challenge insurers over denials of medical necessity for scalp cooling therapy and encourage appeals of those decisions.

The bulletin also includes information about Paxman celebrating five years of success in the United States at the recent ASCO Annual Meeting, this month’s orders and installations in the United States, the UK and the rest of the world including 10 systems for Japanthat Paxman won the National Medilink UK Award for Outstanding Achievement, and the fourth episode of the Changing the Face of Cancer podcast where the side effect of CIPN chemotherapy is discussed.

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