Insurance coverage

Paralyzed snowboarder admitted to Shepherd Center after battle over insurance coverage

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A Forsyth County father who broke his neck while snowboarding is currently receiving treatment at Shepherd Center.

It’s been a trying two weeks for Travis Daniel and his wife Brianna, but both are now breathing a sigh of relief since Travis was admitted to the state-of-the-art spinal cord injury rehabilitation centre.

“It’s been a burden for me,” Brianna said. “Every day I was pushing and praying and many times I wanted to give up and say it wasn’t meant to be, but then I would look at him and say no, he deserves it, he needs it.”

Travis was paralyzed on February 12 after the 36-year-old broke his neck snowboarding in North Carolina. His insurance company, CareSource, repeatedly refused to pay for treatment at the Shepherd Center, telling the family the facility was “out of network”. CBS46 contacted CareSource when we learned of the denial.

“As soon as you at CBS contacted CareSource, I got a phone call almost immediately and the transition began,” Brianna said.

Travis was transferred to Shepherd Center on Friday where he will spend the next eight weeks in physical and occupational therapy.

“It’s overwhelming, a long way I have to go,” Travis said.

The father-of-three is currently in an electric wheelchair, but since he has the use of his arms, the goal, at a minimum, is to put him in a wheelchair.

“I would love to get out of here, but I don’t know if it’s God’s will,” Travis said. “But just to get out of here and be independent as much as possible and get back to normal and see my kids.”

With the future uncertain for the Daniel family, both Travis and Brianna said they are grateful for the support shown by so many in the community.

“It’s thanks to our wonderful community,” Brianna said. “It’s because Travis is a great person. It’s because CBS46 is wonderful and stepped in and really cared about me and I’m so grateful to everyone.