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New tech-savvy health insurance company Evry Health launches in Dallas

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Based in Dallas Evry Health is serious about providing reliable, value-based care to Dallas-Fort Worth residents and recently launched its new tailored health care plans through A business-to-business health insurance company founded in 2017, Evry Health differentiates itself from traditional healthcare provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) by using software automation to reduce the cost of healthcare. With no deductibles or co-payments for in-network care, the company’s extensive benefit plans encourage preventative health and access to care. The recently launched B2B health insurance company offers a high-tech, mobile-friendly experience that lowers the costs most businesses are currently paying.

Investors in Evry Health include Y Combinator, Silicon Valley venture capital funds and local business leaders. The management team, investors and advisors have extensive experience in the fintech, insurance and healthcare sectors and have developed and built the necessary networks, processes and software systems to enable the launch of Evry Health.

CEO and co-founder Chris Gay is no stranger to the Dallas startup scene. A former CEO of an insurance company, he founded MileMeter, a Dallas-based comprehensive auto insurance company that pioneered pay-per-mile insurance.

“Big companies should deliver big benefits without breaking the bank,” said Gay, a Dallas native. “Since 2017, we have made it our mission to create the health insurance company we have always wanted for ourselves and our loved ones. With today’s technology, signing up for health care or paying a doctor’s bill should be as easy as ordering a pizza. We’ve worked hard to build a better health insurer from the ground up, so we can charge less, allowing employers to pass those savings on to their employees and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Evry Health’s initial launch is focused on businesses with 100 to 2,000 employees in Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Evry Health has built an extensive local medical network, focused on the highest quality physicians and healthcare systems. A nationwide network also provides coverage no matter where employees travel or work.

Evry Health also encourages its members to be healthy with bespoke wellness plans that cost nothing to the employer or their employees. These specialized and optional wellness solutions offer a wide range of resources, tools, and rewards that differ from other health insurance plans, including benefits such as prenatal support, nutrition counseling, and health counseling. mental state, depression and anxiety. Rewards are deposited into an Evry Health Reward card which members use like any other credit card.

“Medium-sized employers don’t typically have no-cost, integrated wellness plans, but we’ve made it a core part of our business model,” said Jay Startz, chief financial officer of Evry Health. “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that our health, and especially our mental health, is a top priority. We’re the technology enabler to answer your questions, connecting you with your personal care team instead of relying on answering machines or endless phone trees. We give businesses this toolkit to take care of themselves and their hard-working employees.

Evry Health’s corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, including its back-office administrative functions and claims centers. The company intends to grow rapidly with hiring plans for 2022 that include staffing operations, customer support, claims administration, software engineers and care coordinators to join its team of concierge for members.

“Healthcare is typically one of an employer’s biggest expenses, but we want to change that with our customer-centric approach that’s better for everyone,” Gay said. “Each of the founders of Evry has been a business owner and insurance policyholder who has struggled with rising insurance premiums and has a history of personal loss due to shortcomings in our health care. health. We’re reshaping the end-to-end healthcare experience, making consumer-centric healthcare more transparent and accessible to everyone.

About Evry Health

Dallas-based Evry Health isn’t your standard health plan. We are on a mission to make health care affordable, transparent and of high quality again by providing extended benefits at an affordable price, reducing premiums by up to 20%. We’re building the health insurance we’ve always wanted for ourselves, focused on helping people live better, healthier lives. For more information, visit