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Michigan Falls to 4th Most Expensive State for Auto Insurance, New Report Says

LANSING, Michigan — Michigan is no longer the most expensive state for car insurance, according to a new report. released its annual report on auto insurance rates by state, ranking Michigan the fourth most expensive in the nation.

Michigan, which was ranked second most expensive in 2021, now follows Florida, Louisiana and Delaware.

Researchers attribute Michigan’s falling auto insurance costs to the 2019 bipartisan no-fault auto reform, which went into effect July 2, 2021.

According to data from member companies of Michigan Insurance Alliance (IAM), more than 200,000 Michigan drivers without prior coverage have purchased auto insurance since the reforms took place.

IAM says of those drivers, more than 83,000 had been without car insurance for at least three years.

“Michigan once had a broken, outdated and expensive automatic no-fault system. Bipartisan no-fault motoring reforms have cracked down on fraud, curbed overcharging by medical providers and given consumers choice – while continuing medically necessary care and providing the highest injury protection coverage in the world. country,” said Erin McDonough, Executive Director. of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan.

However, the Michigan Public Health Institute conducted a report between September and October 2021, commissioned by the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, which found that more than 1,500 crash survivors had lost access to care since entering into reform force without fail.

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This report also revealed that more than 3,000 medical workers lost their jobs and 96 healthcare companies said they were no longer able to accept patients with no-fault car insurance.

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