Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for the 5th CIIE totals 165 billion USD

(Yicai Global) November 4 — Insurance coverage for the fifth China International Import Expo, to be held tomorrow through November 10 at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, has reached CNY 1.2 trillion ( 164.8 billion USD), compared to 35 billion CNY (4.8 billion USD) for the first CIIE.

To ensure smooth operations at the CIIE venue, China Pacific Insurance will provide insurance plans covering property, machinery damage, business interruption, visitor, employer and professional liability, as well as works of art with a total value of 25.7 billion yuan.

China Pacific Insurance has also created a customized one-stop CIIE insurance package consisting of 16 basic guarantees and four special guarantees for all participants, including organizers, exhibitors, buyers and chain service providers. supply.

Since this year’s exhibition will be held in accordance with Covid-19 prevention and control measures, the insurance plans will cover all aspects of risk protection, said Zeng Yi, general manager of the property insurance business of China Pacific Insurance Group, to Yicai Global.

Insurance coverage for civil liability related to Covid-19 death has jumped 25% this year compared to 2021. A specific plan for deaths related to the Covid-19 vaccine has also been added, with indemnities of 250 000 CNY (34,350 USD) per person.

Editor: Martin Kadiev