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Insurance company employee pushed to death from office building by ex-boyfriend in Noida

A 22-year-old insurance company employee in Noida died after being pushed from the third floor of the office building by her colleague who was also her former boyfriend, police said.

After pushing the woman on Tuesday evening, the colleague had fled with the body to Ghaziabad and was eventually on his way to Meerut when police caught him, they said.

The duo had worked together for a few years and were in a relationship, but recently the woman had moved on while the man allegedly kept bothering her to get back together, an official said.

Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Noida) Ashutosh Dwivedi said officials at Sector 49 Police Station were alerted on Tuesday evening to a woman who jumped from an office building and was taken to the hospital by his family.

“At the hospital, the defendant Gaurav stated that he was the brother of the deceased woman. Later it was found that he was not the brother but the ex-boyfriend of some years. He was also found that the woman no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him,” Dwivedi said.

“However, Gaurav kept asking her to resume the relationship, but the woman had filed a complaint about it with the police on September 29. The families of the two were also present at the police station and Gaurav had assured by wrote that he would stop bothering her,” he said.

On Tuesday evening, the accused met the woman again in the office building and tried to force her to keep in touch with him, after which he pushed her out of the building, the officer said, citing the preliminary investigation.

“He then tried to flee with the body. He first went to Ghaziabad and then tried to go to Meerut. He was not answering phone calls. He was followed by electronic surveillance and detained from Ghaziabad by a police team accompanied by the family of the deceased,” Dwivedi said.

After his arrest, Gaurav recounted the entire episode and confessed to pushing the woman to death, which led to his arrest, the DCP Supplementary claimed.

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