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Insurance company denies paying for Skoda Octavia airbag deployment for THIS reason | Mobility News

The Skoda Octavia’s airbags deployed without a collision when it hit a pothole too hard. The owner of this vehicle has posted the details of this incident on the Team BHP forum. He is having difficulty obtaining insurance coverage. With high safety standards and equipment, the Octavia is one of Skoda’s most popular products.

The owner of the Octavia sedan said the sedan hit a pothole at a relatively high speed. A bump was caused by the impact to the left rear alloy, and the car’s electrical system somehow interpreted it as a crash alert, triggering the left side airbags. Front passenger airbag and side curtain airbag were included.

Skoda confirmed that the airbags were deployed due to the impact on the alloy the following day. Also, this information was forwarded to the insurance company, but the claim was denied within 20 minutes. The insurance company cited an electrical fault as the reason for the airbag deployment, rather than the accident, and refused to cover it.

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In a bizarre turn of events, Skoda provided an official written statement confirming that the accident was caused by the vehicle hitting a pothole. The damage was done to the rear axle and the insurance company still denied the claim. In the absence of other alternatives, the owner is forced to bear the costs of the damage out of his own pocket, which he then resorts to going to consumer court.

The owner insured the car for zero depreciation when buying the car in 2019.