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Insurance company accused of using ‘medical loophole’ to avoid claim

CTH says it’s not an insurance company but an insurance broker

A Douglas man, whose parked car was hit by a motorist, accuses a local insurance company of trying to use a “medical loophole” to avoid repairing his vehicle.

Antony Aspell’s vehicle was parked in Saddlestone on July 31 when it was hit by another vehicle.

He has since tried to seek help from the motorist’s insurance company but had no joy:

In a written statement, CTH indicates that it is not an insurance company but an insurance broker and that Mr. Aspell is not and has never been a customer of CTH.

He added that all complaints are dealt with in accordance with Isle of Man law and in accordance with the Insurance Regulations issued by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

“All facts of the accident that occurred on July 31, 2022 are under investigation to establish who was legally responsible for the accident.

“Those involved are advised to make a claim under their own policy while investigations are ongoing. Any complaints should be made using the official complaints procedures or advice can be sought from the Financial Services Ombudsman at the ‘Isle of man.”

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