Insurance policies

How to navigate insurance policies after a hurricane

A storm damaged a residence in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian on Sanibel Island, Florida. Known for their rescues in Afghanistan and Ukraine, the DYNAMO project team was unable to get in touch with the person they were looking for.

On The streamwe had the opportunity to speak with lawyer Candice Colucci from Colucci Law to Clearwater.

Candice spent time with families and individuals across the state and in New Orleans after the hurricanes. Candice represents home and commercial property owners against their insurance companies when they deny, delay or underpay their insurance claim.

She is currently traveling back and forth between Pinellas County and upstate bringing supplies and relief.

She shared important advice on The stream about what to do after a hurricane to ensure that you will be able to rebuild your life. Everything from what to look for in your policy to how to photograph property damage.

Photos from the ground: Weekend cleanup in South Florida after Hurricane Ian