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How to lower your home and auto insurance premiums

SAN ANTONIO – Home and auto insurance customers can expect to see higher premiums as the cost of many materials increases.

Rich Johnson of the Texas Insurance Council said home repair costs have risen and improved vehicle technology is increasing. Inflation, supply chain issues and the cost of metal are also contributing to higher prices.

“Even the light bulb isn’t a light bulb anymore. They move and spin. They can be thousands of dollars,” Johnson said.

Several factors were already anticipated before the pandemic, and others resulting from the pandemic are also to blame, he said.

But the savings can be a phone call away. Johnson recommends that you shop around and find insurance companies that bundle homeowners or renters and auto insurance together to save money.

“The key is to shop around. Go ahead, call those companies, check online, and you’ll most likely save a few bucks by switching companies,” he said.

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Also update your mileage information with the company, take a self-driving course, or consider downloading apps that track your driving behavior and can lower your rates if you’re a safe driver. Those with older vehicles can probably get by with minimal coverage, Johnson said.

When it comes to home insurance, make sure you’re not underinsured.

“We have seen the bad weather pass. It’s just going to start,” Johnson said. “It’s hail season, then we move into hurricane and flood season, so now is a good time to check your policy.”

He suggests that you take pictures of the interior or your home and email those pictures to yourself in case there is any damage. Insurance companies can use these photos to make a cost estimate.

Johnson has offered the following link to help customers assess their insurance costs.

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