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How an Impaired Driving Conviction Affects Car Insurance – New Guide

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 10, 2022 has launched a new blog post that showcases how drivers convicted of impaired driving manage their car insurance policies.

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Getting back behind the wheel of a vehicle after a DUI can be a difficult journey. In addition to facing criminal charges, drivers may risk losing their current auto insurance if convicted of impaired driving. If a driver convicted of impaired driving manages to keep their policy, their current rates will likely rise significantly for several years until the DUI drops from the driving record. Depending on the state, a DUI falls off the record in 5, 10 years, or even longer. Finding car insurance after a DUI is really difficult, but not impossible.


To better understand DUI and its consequences, drivers should know the following:

  • What is a DUI? DUI stands for driving under the influence. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense usually associated with drunk driving, but DUI can also refer to driving under the influence of unregulated drugs or medication. In some states, driving with a blood alcohol level over 0.08% will result in a DUI charge even if the driver is not visibly impaired. Some states also use the term DWI, short for drunk driving or impaired driving. In states that use both terms, a DUI usually refers to driving under the influence of alcohol, while a DWI usually refers to driving under the influence of drugs or other controlled substances.

  • How long does a DUI stay on a driving record? In most states, DUIs can stay on a driving record for about 5-10 years. However, some states permanently leave DUIs on a driving record. Penalties vary by state and can range from losing the license to requiring an SR-22 to drive. The SR-22 is a certificate that shows the government that the driver has obtained the minimum amount of insurance necessary to be on the road.
  • How can a DUI affect the car insurance policy? A conviction for drunk driving will cause car insurance premiums to rise until the drunk driving is dropped. Moreover, some insurance companies will even refuse to cover drivers who have accumulated several offenses over the past few years. Depending on the insurance provider, a convicted driver’s DUI rates can increase by 50% to 240%. After a few years without any traffic violations, the rates will return to a normal price. Keeping a clean driving record is key to lowering insurance premiums.
  • Find auto insurance after a DUI. Getting affordable car insurance after an impaired driving conviction can be difficult. However, some companies have specialized in providing better deals for drivers convicted of impaired driving. These Non-Standard Car Insurance Companies Are Convicted DUI Drivers’ Best Hope To Get Affordable Insurance

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