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Home insurance coverage to review for New England weather

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – While residents of Western Massachusetts are unlikely to see any damage from Hurricane Ian, we are experiencing extreme weather events.

This storm serves as a reminder to take stock of your policy and make any updates or changes. While Hurricane Ian will spare western Massachusetts, our state is experiencing tornadoes, blizzards and flooding. Tornadoes are covered by wind damage and are covered by any standard homeowners policy.

David Griffin, senior vice president of Dowd Agencies, said: “Where things become a problem is when water comes into play, and whether it’s groundwater or water entering in the building you would need a flood insurance policy and this is not covered by a standard homeowners policy, this is something that needs to be purchased in addition to your home insurance policy standard. “

If the water is coming from inside the house, like a burst pipe, it’s usually something that’s covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. If you’re wondering if you should invest in flood insurance, you can check your city’s website to find FEMA flood maps that show what area you’re in. If your home is in a high risk area, usually your bank or mortgage company will require you to have a policy.

Make sure your agent is aware of any upgrades or additions you may have, such as fences, solar panels or sheds, so your policy can account for them and provide comprehensive coverage.