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HiRoad Auto Insurance celebrates those who take the metaphorical route

HiRoad, the behavior-based car insurance company that rewards drivers for good driving choices, announces the launch of its brand campaign, “shopping cart”. Created with the help of creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles, it follows a series of people engaged in everyday activities as they choose to either live disregarding others or take the metaphorical route by making conscious choices that improve the world around them. .

Whether it’s putting the shopping cart back in the corral before heading to your car or picking up the dreaded dog poop on the sidewalk, ‘Shopping Cart’ highlights the simple everyday decisions we make that can affect positively or negatively the lives of others. By showing these lighthearted but poignant interactions between strangers going very well and very badly, the spot insightfully shows how a joyful and satisfying community requires conscious effort from everyone involved.

This sentiment is the backbone of HiRoad’s behavior-based car insurance philosophy. With a progressive air of optimism and celebration, HiRoad fosters a world where your auto insurance rate isn’t determined solely by your zip code, age, or claims history. Instead, through its telematics-based app, HiRoad recognizes drivers for the good choices they make on the road and rewards them with a monthly driving discount.

“We were really inspired by the position taken by HiRoad in the car insurance category. With the conscious driving decisions you make by sticking to speed limits or not using your phone while the car is in motion, you are not only doing yourself a favor but also others on the road and HiRoad wants reward yourself for it. Says the FRED & FARID Los Angeles team.

“At HiRoad, we reward and celebrate our customers for making thoughtful choices on the road. This branded spot highlights our commitment to our behavior-based model and shows how our customers and the community around them benefit from taking the high road,” said HiRoad. vice-president, Eric Dahl. “We are grateful to have found a great collaborator in FRED & FARID who truly understood our brand’s mission and helped us achieve it.”

The “Shopping Cart” spot is the joyful embodiment of HiRoad’s unique reward system, making it the perfect introduction to the brand. When we reflect on the impact of our actions on ourselves as well as those around us, we make the world a more conscious and enjoyable place for everyone. With HiRoad and their first brand campaign, consumers are encouraged to go for the gold and choose the high road every time they get in the driver’s seat.