Auto insurance

Governor signs car insurance bill for foster kids

(photo courtesy of Dan McGowan)

Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Enrollment Bill 246, making it easier to pay car insurance and driving practice fees for teens and young adults in foster care. However, Foster Success, an Indiana-based nonprofit, says more work needs to be done.

The legislation directs the Indiana Department of Children’s Services to administer the funds. Foster Success says the money would be placed in a trust from the creation of a specialized “Ensure Foster Youth Trust” license plate, as well as private contributions and possible future appropriations.

However, the nonprofit says the legislation is not finalized until a petition receives 500 signatures by the end of March from people who intend to buy the specialty plate. .

“The Governor’s signing does not mark the end of this journey to break down barriers to self-sufficiency for Indiana’s older adoptive youth,” said Foster Success CEO and President Dr. Maggie Stevens. “We need Hoosiers to step up and sign the petition to support the license plate. We are under a very tight deadline and it will take a significant effort to gather the necessary signatures by March 30.”

Interested Hoosiers can sign the petition here.

Foster Success says people in foster care sometimes have to pay up to 40% or more for insurance than their non-foster peers. The fund would help cover some of these costs and help foster children pay for transportation to work or school.

The bill would also make foster kids eligible for Indiana’s auto insurance program, which is a state-administered program covering drivers without access to other insurance.

The full bill can be viewed here.