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Ghanaians urged to take full advantage of insurance policies

Economic news for Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Dr. Justice Yaw Ofori, NIC Insurance Commissioner

Improving Insurance Penetration in Ghana – NIC

Association of Ghana Insurers and Graphic Business collaborate for this year’s Insurance Awareness Month

Buying insurance should be done voluntarily and with joy

NIC Insurance Commissioner, Dr. Justice Ofori, highlighted the relevance of insurance policies in our daily lives, hence the need to create more awareness.

According to him, the insurance industry provides an invaluable service that seems to need some repackaging to become a way of life for all citizens.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s Insurance Awareness Month on June 7, the NIC boss, in a speech read on his behalf, called on Ghanaians to take advantage of the various insurance policies which are considerably beneficial .

“As insurers, our objective is to cover risks and almost all risks are insurable at the right price. Over time, we have developed products to meet the needs of different categories of customers, but have we really covered all our customers? »

“The available data shows that we are taking the issue of claims payment more seriously, even if some of the insurance public may be uncharitable towards us on this subject. I understand a lot of people buy insurance out of duress and that impression needs to change because it shouldn’t be,” he said.

Dr Justice Ofori urged insurance companies nationwide to use this year’s Insurance Awareness Month to educate customers and the public about the substantial benefits of insurance and its important role in improving lives and property.

“We must strive to ensure that the average Ghanaian perceives insurance as a service to be acquired voluntarily and with joy. When it comes to customers, we need to give our customers a sense of ownership throughout our processes,” the NIC boss said.

“A testimonial from a satisfied customer may be all that is needed to make a difference for the insurance industry in Ghana,” the commissioner added.

This year’s Insurance Awareness Month is a collaboration between the Association of Ghana Insurers and Graphic Business aimed at deepening insurance awareness in Ghana.

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