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GAINSCO Car Insurance Review | the ascent

Main advantages

Provides coverage for drivers that other insurers won’t cover

GAINSCO specializes in non-standard automobile insurance policies. This means the company covers drivers that many insurers would refuse, including people with a history of drunk driving charges or accidents on their record.

Some drivers are required by their state to have a special form, called an SR-22 form, to provide proof that they have minimum liability coverage. This includes drivers who:

  • Have been convicted of driving without insurance
  • Have received several traffic violations within a limited time
  • Having responsible accidents
  • Have been convicted of impaired driving
  • Have been convicted of driving without a license

Many insurers will not provide these forms, but GAINSCO will provide them immediately at the point of sale for a nominal fee. This makes it easier to get back on the road after a traffic incident. And the price of GAINSCO’s non-standard coverage is competitive.

Has a large network of agents

For drivers who require in-person assistance, GAINSCO makes it available through a network of independent agents. This is a great benefit for drivers who may have had trouble finding insurance coverage and may not be sure about the process of getting the protection they need.

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What could be improved

Customer service

The insurer is poorly rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While the insurer received an A- rating from the BBB, it only received 1 out of 5 stars among customer reviews on the BBB’s site. It also has a higher than average number of complaints with the NAIC.