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Gadget Guard offers $350 insurance coverage for broken iPhone 13 screens

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gadget Guard today announced that its product assurance program, GuardPlus, has increased its coverage offering from $250 to $350 for device screen repairs or replacements. GuardPlus $350 is available with Ultrashock screen protectors for the iPhone 13 product line.

It is estimated that 72% of smartphone owners have broken their phone screens. On average, a broken iPhone 13 screen costs around $300 to replace. GuardPlus $350 customers can now enjoy peace of mind and get paid for their broken screens.

Previously, customers who purchased a product with GuardPlus were eligible for up to $250 for device screen repair or replacement. The $350 GuardPlus protection is available now for $89.99.

“Gadget Guard has your back, well, actually your front,” said Jason Ellis, CEO of Gadget Guard. “We provide the most superior product assurance on the market so $350 GuardPlus customers never have to worry about breaking their screens again.”

Customers can choose where they want their screens repaired, but Gadget Guard has an effortless repair/replacement process with over 1,000 repair shops and remote tech vans in its network. GuardPlus $350 customers pay $0 out of pocket at time of repair using the network.

GuardPlus $350 eliminates the anxiety and wasted money consumers experience when breaking their screens. This is yet another offering from Gadget Guard that supports its mission to increase the overall well-being of its customers. Gadget Guard is the first wireless accessory company to focus on two-way protection, science-based products that protect devices and the people who use them. Its products reduce the harmful effects of mobile device use, such as radiation exposure, and provide industry-leading device protection.

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Gadget Guard promotes a healthy relationship between technology and humanity with products that improve the performance, aesthetics and lifespan of mobile devices. We are the first tech accessory company to provide two-way protection, protecting humans from their devices and devices from their humans. Since 2009, the company has produced innovative, science-backed technologies and received 17 unique patents to reduce the harmful effects of mobile devices, steadily raising the bar for safe and healthy use of mobile devices.

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