Auto insurance

Fundamental Underwriters Expands Employee Auto Insurance

Core Underwritersa specialty wholesale insurance broker specializing in specialty auto insurance, announced updates to its auto insurance offerings that will help protect businesses and their employees.

Fundamental Underwriters Employee Automobile Coverage, formerly known as Primary Automobile Insurance for Non-Owners, or PNOA, is designed to meet the needs of businesses in the healthcare, insurance, and business sectors. nonprofit by providing primary automobile liability coverage and optional physical damage coverage for employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes, such as sales calls or deliveries.

“Navigating the coverage gap for employers whose employees use their personal vehicles can be a complicated challenge,” said Abel Travis, vice president of Fundamental Underwriters. “Fundamental’s employee auto coverage provides an innovative and simple solution to properly insure and close this gap.”

Additionally, as part of Fundamental’s ongoing commitment to meeting changing customer needs, employee auto coverage is now being extended to several new business categories. Fundamental’s innovative Employee Auto Coverage insurance product is available in 31 states, enabling companies to better protect their workforce, improve their risk profile, provide streamlined and consistent management of employee vehicle usage and improve the recruitment and retention of their employees.