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Four tips to save money on your car insurance | Carson City Nevada News

Gas prices, tight budgets and rising inflation – according to a recent COUNTRY Financial survey, 9 out of 10 people are concerned about achieving their financial goals due to the current economy. With expenses being high, many people are looking for ways to save. Because car insurance is a regular expense, you may be able to reduce these costs. Consider these four simple tips that could help you save money on your car insurance.

1. Obey the speed limit
You don’t have to have an accident to see your auto insurance premiums go up. Speeding tickets or other traffic offenses also drive up these costs. If you need an incentive to practice your best driving behavior, check with your insurance company to see if they have a smartphone app to help you understand your driving behavior and drive safer. You can often get a rebate just for your participation and earn additional rebates of up to 25% based on your driving score. For example, customers who sign up and use COUNTRY Financial’s DriverIQ app can start with a 10% discount that can go up to 25% with safe driving.

2. Keep your credit score high
Staying in good standing with credit reporting agencies can help keep your auto rates low. Pay your bills on time and check your credit history often to make sure it’s correct. You can access your credit history for free at

3. Choose your car carefully
Luxury, sporty cars and newer cars are expensive to buy and expensive to repair, so they cost more to insure. On the other hand, newer cars equipped with sensors and other safety features don’t just give you peace of mind on the road, they can also be safer to drive and help you maintain your fuel levels. low insurance. The next time you’re shopping for a car, call your agent for insurance rates on the make and model of car you’re considering buying. Think of insurance as part of the cost of owning your car, and it could affect your buying decision.

4. Accumulate your discounts
Many insurers offer discounts and in some cases you can stack these discounts for greater savings. For example, when you insure multiple cars or insure both your home and your car, you might get a discount. But taking a defensive driving course, maintaining a good driving record, being a good student or having a certain career could offer more discounts and generate more savings. Check with your insurance agent to make sure you get all the discounts you can.

Although you may consider reducing coverages or making changes to your deductible, speak with your agent and make sure you fully understand the impact of these economic changes. They could have long-term consequences if you have an accident or claim.

Sean Marler CFP® is a Financial Representative at COUNTRY Financial in Minden, Nevada. He can be reached at (775) 782-8363 or [email protected]