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Ex-employee takes insurance company to court over award withdrawal

Mercy Orga

By PAUL ADAJI, Abuja –

A former staff member of African Alliance Insurance Plc, Mercy Aershimana Orga, had taken the company to court to challenge the secret withdrawal of a prize after it had been publicly presented to her.

The award prize had been presented to Mercy at a public ceremony hosted by the insurance company after she successfully met and even surpassed the goal set for her by the company.

The multi-million naira lawsuit was filed against the company in the Abuja Branch of the National Labor Court of Nigeria (NICN). Mercy Orga, where she challenges the secret withdrawal of an award given by the company.

In the lawsuit number NICN/ABJ/383/2019, Mercy Orga is seeking, among other relief, an order requiring Alliance Insurance Plc to pay her the current value of the car seized from her after it was presented to her. in public as a prize because of his diligence and commitment to the job.

She told the court how African Alliance Insurance PLC gave her an annuity target of 240 million naira that year, but through her hard work she exceeded the target by getting 500 million naira, which gave her an annuity target of N240 million. earned the car award.

The plaintiff, however, told the court how the company secretly took the car away from him shortly after it was presented to him publicly.

In his submissions to Judge Agbakoba of the Abuja Division of the court last weekend, the plaintiff’s attorney, Odu Anabe, urged the court to declare that the defendant’s unlawful actions amounted to dehumanization of his client and therefore void. and void.

Furthermore, the Claimant, in her testimony in court, recounted how many of her colleagues had died as a result of the Respondent’s recent draconian policies.

She told the court that some of her colleagues, who feared losing their jobs, ended up losing their lives, due to the company’s failure to grant them sick leave.

Recounting her heartbreaking experience, Orga, who was an exceptional employee of the defendant, told the court how she was disengaged because she had undergone surgery.

She lamented that despite her illness, the company refused to grant her sick leave.

She also asks the court to order the company to pay her the value of the car that was seized from her; payment of 2% of the money from the National Provident Fund due as contributory pension by the defendant; payment of balance of savings and amount spent at Makurdi office as well as payment of amount erroneously deducted by misappropriation of officers totaling approximately N10 million.

In the meantime, the court received in evidence certain relevant documents in support of its case.

The exhibits were presented in court by his lawyer, Anabe, after being identified by her in the witness box.

Some of the exhibits include a letter of employment, guarantor form, award plaques, statements of facts and details of wrongful deductions from his accounts and an internal memorandum.

Some of the documents, however, were admitted with reservations by defense attorney NJ Obiezu.

In the meantime, further proceedings have been adjourned to November 10, 2022 for cross-examination of the plaintiff by defense counsel.