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Double-check insurance coverage, prepare your home now before Hurricane Ian arrives

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, with expectations it will reach North Carolina and other southeastern states later this week.

Here in the Triangle, homeowners prepare for the possibility of heavy rain and high winds.

“One inch of water in a home can cause up to $25,000 in damage,” Tar Heel Basement Systems said sales manager Nate Zook.

He suggested people clean drains and gutters, make sure sub-pumps are working properly, tie up or remove outdoor furniture or debris, and check that downspouts are also discharging. away from the building as possible.

“If they have very low crawlspace vents relative to their soil quality, maybe putting something in there to prevent water intrusion from getting into the crawlspace fairly easily, that’s a big tip for the owners,” Zook explained.

Placing sandbags in front of doors or towels deep inside the building to keep water out can help.

The wind is more difficult to predict, although it is worth double-checking the sealant on the windows.

“High winds can move a house. I saw it with my own eyes in 2018. So we have high winds and houses can move. We’ve seen it where they have moved very, very little and it has caused structural damage to the interior So homeowners should be aware that if they hear creaking or creaking like that, it’s not normal,” explained Zook.

Zook said the company opened up inspector schedules this weekend and called staff from other state branches to address any issues here.

If your property suffers damage, it is important to act and report it immediately to your insurance company.

“Any amount of water damage is bad. Even if it’s a very small section, it can spread. With water, we know there’s fungus and mold and things like that.If your A/C is off due to the storm and you have high humidity in the house, fungus and mold can spread faster and cause more damage, so as soon as you encounter a power outage or you get water in the house, it needs to be addressed immediately. I wouldn’t wait,” Zook explained.

“If you don’t report your claim immediately, there could be other damages that aren’t due to a covered peril or cause of loss. So if that’s the case, once there’s a any kind of ambiguity with what caused the damage, you could end up having your claim denied,” added Robert Wright Jr., agency owner and agent at Carolina Wright Insurance Group.

Wright said people should take both photos and videos of their damage.

“We’ve had a few clients call us who want to double-check their policy and see what their coverages are to make sure they don’t have any gaps and there aren’t any exposures they don’t are unaware of,” Wright said, encouraging others to do the same before Ian hits the state.

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