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Disturbed by wave of gun deaths, Toledo businessman launches life insurance policies for young people

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – There have been 70 homicides so far this year in Toledo, and some of the victims were as young as 14. A local barbershop owner was disturbed after seeing that several families of victims were struggling to pay for burial costs, so he decided to step in and help the families plan ahead by s ensuring.

“It saddens me, it depresses me. And it really hurts me because our kids are dying young and have never really lived their lives,” says Tyrone Frieson, owner of H and Dee Barbershop in Toledo. “As a street black man, I think this is my way of giving back.”

Frieson, alongside other barber shop staff, helped families of three young people pay for life insurance plans, while educating them on how to maintain them. Frieson hopes the initiative will grow in the near future.

“A lot of people in the inner city, their families don’t have the income, the extra money or the resources to buy insurance. So H and Dee’s hair salon, we want to ease this burden on families. Frieson went on to say, “The barbershop is going to pay the premium. Then, once that’s launched, hopefully some program or system will be put in place by brokers and other insurance companies to make sure that those people keep those policies for at least 10 years.

Brittany Johnson is a licensed insurance agent. She applauds Frieson’s efforts to give back to the community and stresses the importance of thinking about the future.

“If something happens — and death is going to happen — you want to make sure you’re taken care of and your loved ones are taken care of as well,” Johnson says. “It doesn’t hurt to get a quote, it really doesn’t. See if you can find something in your affordability range.

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