Insurance company

Detroit Singer Blasts Insurance Company, Livonia Collision Shop

Most of us just write a scathing review on Yelp or Google when we receive bad service, but one Detroit rapper took a different route. He expressed his grievances in the form of a song.

Car repairs gone horribly wrong

Byron Motley Jr. is better known in the Detroit area as Beezy313. He tells Detroit’s WJBK-TV that when his car was broken into and his sunroof was damaged earlier this year while visiting a Detroit-area club. Since the Cadillac is fully insured, he filed a claim with his insurance company.

Liberty Mutual Insurance sent Motley to a local body shop, Gerber Collision in Livonia.

But instead of fixing the car’s sunroof, the vehicle was ransacked, allegedly while in the possession of the body shop.

Motley took to social media, blowing up the body shop and the insurance company.

A lowball offer

Motley says the insurance company then made him a lowball offer to buy the car, which he says is worth just over $7,000. It also has sentimental value as his grandmother got into the car just before he died.

“Twenty-five cents at first, then offered me $3,000,” he said.

Fodder for a rap song

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or in this case, if someone wrecks your car, you make a rap song out of it.

“Why are they ruining my ride at Gerber Collision?” Beezy 313 Raps. “I just needed a sunroof from Gerber Collision.”

Well, you get the idea. And you can check out more of the song in the video below.

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