Auto insurance

County returns auto insurance resolution to committee

Midland County commissioners decided on Tuesday that they were not yet ready to vote on a resolution that would ask the state legislature to consider reforming Michigan’s auto insurance law.

Chairman Mark Bone explained that the agenda item, which was scheduled for action on Tuesday, was referred to a committee. It’s rare for most cases to go to committee, said Bone, who recommended it for a vote on Tuesday.

The proposed resolution includes language that addresses the negative impacts of a reimbursement cap for survivors of motor vehicle crashes who sustain catastrophic injuries.

“We thought the best option was to take it off today’s (Tuesday) agenda and send the information back to the committee for review,” Bone told the Daily News.

The next opportunity for the resolution to be voted on by the commissioners is May 3. All other standing items were approved by a 6-0 vote, reflecting the absence of District 7 Commissioner Scott Noesen from the regular meeting of the Midland County Board of Directors.

Bone, owner of insurance company Bone & Bailey, also told the Daily News that he planned to abstain from any votes on the resolution.

Graphic Sciences will continue to provide scanning services in the Midland County Health Department after a commission vote.

The county plans to pay for the associated costs through a federal public health emergency preparedness grant, which ends June 30. The proposal asked to waive county policy, citing previous experience with the service provider.

Midland County Council also received a $39,261 grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation.

In terms of new business, Midland County now recognizes April 30 as National Therapy Animal Day and the council has declared April 2022 as National County Government Month.

Approved articles continue as follows:

  • An agreement with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for an adult foster care grant for bed reimbursement costs at Pinecrest Farms, which would provide $42,000 to the county
  • An agreement with Jack Barstow Airport to provide insecticide storage space for the spring 2022 spray season
  • An agreement with Meraki Cost Services, LLC to develop a cost allocation plan for Midland County’s 2021-23 fiscal years
  • An agreement with Wade Trim for the provision of civil engineering services related to the master plan expansion of the current mosquito control facility
  • A request to purchase two apps to “bolster” the county’s cybersecurity
  • A request for a boiler system replacement at Midland County Juvenile Care Center
  • The finance committee also recommended that the board approve a state report regarding county equalized value.

The following approved items related to county staffing:

  • Job descriptions and scoring will be updated for three positions at Pinecrest Farms
  • An acting deputy chief prosecutor has been appointed
  • A janitorial/maintenance position has been renamed maintenance specialist
  • A temporary assistant prosecutor has been approved for hire
  • A community health nurse has been approved to be hired at ‘step 4’ of the pay scale