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County commissioners review new health insurance policies – InsuranceNewsNet

BEDFORDThe Lawrence County Board of Commissioners reviewed the health insurance proposals at Tuesday morning’s meeting at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Miles Parker of Bedford-based Parker Group, a company providing insurance and benefits services, presented the commissioners with two different proposals. The recommendations were presented to the commissioners after Parker held several meetings with the insurance committee.

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“The insurance committee met last week and looked at a number of self-funded options as well as several options on a fully insured platform, which allows you to pay a guaranteed premium,” Parker said.

Proposals for IU Health and United Healthcare were assessed to replace the county’s existing healthcare provider, Anthem. The IU Health proposal includes a $2.5 million capping, i.e. 47% savings. United Healthcare the fully insured premium package includes a $3.1 million ceiling and offers 41% savings. Each option should help the county save money.

Anthem increased the insurance premium as well as the expected claims liability, which resulted in an increase in the maximum costs of $3.2 million at $4.8 million“, Parker said.

Chairman of Commissioners Rodney fish announced that the matter would be taken under advisement for further consultation. A vote will take place at the next meeting scheduled for tuesday july 5.

“The bad news is that we are facing a difficult year. The good news is that we have several options that provide significant savings. I appreciate that the committee spent so much time with us last week to review everything and make recommendations,” Parker said.

Department reports

Sheriff mike branham provided Commissioners with an update on the current prison population. There are a total of 144 detainees, a capacity of 80%. Of this total, 114 are men and 30 are women. There are five level 6 felons convicted, no parole and 23 Correction Department is holding.

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“They’re still pretty slow to get them back (DOC holding back). But to be honest, as long as we stay under that 144 mark, we’re in no rush,” Branham said. “Our revenue is expected to increase from DOC soon this year and it will go directly to the general county budget.”

The sheriff also confirmed that Greg Taylor resigns from his position as senior deputy. Former Deputy Chief Aaron Shoults agreed to temporarily reprise the role for the rest of the year.

“I contacted my former deputy chief Aaron Shoultswho retired, to see if he would come back just for the six months,” Branham said. “It would save me from training somebody else and putting somebody else in this position that probably won’t stay there after the first two years. years.”

superintendent of roads Brandi Webb informed the commissioners that the paving District 1 expected to continue this week before moving to District 3 next week.

other business

Program manager michelle carrico from Southern Indiana Development Commission asked the Commissioners to approve the second draw of $72,739.60 for the Judah wastewater treatment plant project. Carrico said about 80% of the project is complete.

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The Commissioners also adopted Order 2022-07 to establish thresholds and internal control standards for reporting financial irregularities. The ordinance has been updated to remain consistent with the State Accounts Council terms.

Lawrence County Veterans Services Office Hosts Flag Raising Ceremony and Veterans Breakfast 4th July. The procedure starts around 8:30 am before breakfast is served at 9 am Bedford Mayor Sam Craig will be the keynote speaker.