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Compass Insurance Services honored by West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

WEST BEND, WI (April 5, 2022) – Compass Insurance Services in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin has won the prestigious President’s Cup award from West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. The prize is awarded to the most productive agency of the Partners In Excellence program. Only one of the approximately 1,500 agencies representing West Bend can win this award each year.

“We are very proud that Compass Insurance has earned this prestigious honour. We look at each agency’s performance in terms of profitability, growth, and agency-business partnership, and Compass Insurance outperformed all other West Bend agencies in 2021. That’s impressive considering we’re represented by top agencies industry independent,” said David Nycz, West Bend Sales Manager.

Accepting the award for Compass Insurance is President John Guerndt. “John’s hard work and dedication to our industry, his community and his employees is second to none. We are fortunate to have such a great partner representing West Bend,” said Kelly Tighe, West Bend Senior Vice President of Sales.

Compass Insurance Services has been a leading provider of risk management in Wisconsin for over 30 years. They have spent years developing trusted partnerships with insurers and have a long-standing commitment to providing affordable insurance solutions and unparalleled customer service to their clients. For more information, go to

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