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Colorado Edition: Superior Family Recording; Marshall Fire survivors navigate insurance policies; Barney Ford’s Legacy

In January, we spoke with Marshall Fire survivor Stephen Boatright. He, his wife, three children, a dog, a cat and hamsters were all evacuated from their home in the Sagamore subdivision of Superior on December 30. We come back with boat right to find out what the recovery looks like a month later.

Boulder County residents who lost everything in the Marshall Fire now face the complicated aftermath of rebuilding their lives. This includes filing insurance claims and sometimes sending detailed inventories of property that was lost in the fire – a task that is not always easy to do. KUNC’s Leigh Paterson has more.

On Tuesday morning, Governor Jared Polis proclaimed February 1 like Barney Ford Day. Democratic Rep. Leslie Herod sponsored a bipartisan bill to recognize Ford, which lawmakers passed yesterday. Mr. Ford escaped slavery at the age of 26 and came to Colorado when it was still a territory. He helped others escape slavery using the Underground Railroad and became a well-respected businessman who lobbied for Colorado not to become a state until African Americans did. would not have obtained the right to vote. In June, Alana Schreiber reflected on the life and legacy of Mr. Ford for Colorado Edition. We are listening to this story today.

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