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Car Owners Auto Insurance Review | the ascent

Main advantages

Great customer service

Auto-Owners places a strong emphasis on personalized support, and judging by their customer reviews, it pays off. The company performed well in all regions where it appeared in JD Power US Auto Insurance’s latest satisfaction survey. It also received fewer complaints than the average for a company of its size. This indicates that most customers are satisfied with the service provided by Auto-Owners.

Affordable rates for riskier drivers

Young drivers and those with a history of accidents are generally perceived as riskier and insurers often charge them more. This is also true for automobile owners, but its rates for these drivers are lower than the national average.

Coverage for all types of vehicles

Auto-Owners offers comprehensive coverage for all types of vehicles. This includes classic cars and converted or modified vehicles. For those with wheelchair lifts or other expensive modifications, this extra coverage is invaluable.

Coverage of diminished value

Having a car accident can reduce the value of the vehicle even after it has been repaired. Drivers who purchase this optional endorsement from automobile owners are compensated for this reduction in value.

What could be improved

Not available in all states

Auto-Owners operates through a network of independent agents in 26 states. But drivers who don’t live in one of those states will need to get quotes from other companies.

No online quote tool

The only way to get a car insurance quote for car owners is to call the nearest independent agent. After gathering all relevant information, the agent will call the applicant back with a quote. It’s not the most efficient process, but this approach could be helpful for those new to auto insurance who aren’t sure how much coverage they need.

Above-average rates for drivers with clean records

Automobile owner auto insurance rates are not as competitive for drivers with a clean record. However, those who qualify for one or more car insurance discounts may be able to get an affordable price.