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Beware of these insurance company tactics to deny your claim

Most insurance companies operate like businesses by saving as much money as possible. This often leads to offering less compensation and wrongfully denying car accident claims. You may not have to let this happen to you if you suspect bad faith insurance tactics are being used against you. Contact a Kansas City auto accident attorney to learn more about the steps you can take to defend your claim.

Insurance company tactics

There are several insurance tactics used by insurance agents to deny or delay car accident claims. Some of these tactics could be considered to be in bad faith. If you suspect bad faith tactics were used, you may be able to sue for additional car accident compensation.

A common technique is to delay a claim until the person waives or the statute of limitations has expired. This can happen without the person filing the complaint even realizing it. Be aware of the Kansas City statute of limitations for auto accident claims to prevent this from happening to you. If there is no rational reason for the delay, you could be dealing with bad faith insurance tactics.

Other insurance companies will deny claims for insufficient reasons. A red flag is when the insurance agent avoids answering questions or addressing concerns related to this. Insurance agents who cannot provide a clear reason why your claim was denied may be practicing insurance in bad faith.

Some insurance companies will encourage people to waive their rights to compensation by using confusing language. They will use technical jargon that even lawyers with years of experience would find difficult to understand. Beware of signing anything without first contacting a Kansas City auto accident attorney.

How to Defend Your Car Accident Claim

You can defend your auto accident claim by raising your concerns with the insurance agent or insurance company supervisor. However, if they are really trying to use bad faith tactics to save money, they can use additional tactics to achieve this goal. They have their own legal team and can use it against you.

This is when hiring a car accident lawyer can help. If the insurance company offers you less compensation than you need to recover from the accident, a lawyer can help you. An experienced lawyer can help you maximize your compensation.

Lawyers are trained to detect bad faith insurance practices. Once hired, your attorney could determine what bad faith tactics are being used against you and can raise them with the insurance company. If negotiations fail, your attorney could help you pursue legal action with mediation, arbitration, or a personal injury lawsuit.

Kansas City Auto Accident Lawyer

You may not have to settle for less compensation than you need after a car accident. Feel free to call Peterson and Associates PC at (816) 888-8888 to speak with a Kansas City auto accident attorney for a consultation today. Our team of attorneys may be able to help you maximize your compensation for lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. We are located in Kansas City, Missouri.