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Beck Insurance Agency Discusses Manufacturing Insurance Coverage

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Archbold, Ohio — (Release Wire) – 10/26/2022 – Beck Insurance Agency has decades of experience serving manufacturing insurance to Delta, Wauseon, Archbold, Defiance, Napoleon and surrounding towns. As an essential form of coverage for manufacturing businesses, manufacturing insurance protects businesses against the unique risks associated with owning, operating, and/or working in a manufacturing business.

While fabrication insurance coverage should be designed around each client’s specific needs, Beck Insurance Agency shares some of the important types of coverage included in standard fabrication insurance policies, including:

Manufacturing Liability – This form of liability coverage protects companies if their manufactured products fail to comply with statutory safety standards.
Building Contents – Warehouse/Building Contents coverage includes all contents inside a manufacturing company’s place of operation, such as contents needed to successfully operate a production line. assembly.
Inventory and raw materials – Inventory and raw material coverage provides protection for all raw materials or inventory used to manufacture a certain product.
Business Continuity – As it sounds, business continuity insurance coverage keeps businesses running smoothly in the event that an unforeseen disaster, theft, or other peril interrupts a manufacturing company’s ability to conduct its business. activities normally.

About Beck Insurance Agency
Beck Insurance Agency is proud to serve manufacturing insurance in Delta, Wauseon, Archbold, Defiance, Napoleon and surrounding areas. By protecting businesses where they are most vulnerable, Beck Insurance Agency ensures Ohio businesses have the coverage they need to run their business smoothly, even in the face of unexpected manufacturing disruptions. In addition to manufacturing insurance coverage, Beck Insurance Agency offers a wide range of commercial insurance options such as general liability protection, workers’ compensation, umbrella insurance, and more.

With over 70 years of experience serving insurance solutions to their community, Beck Insurance Agency is the preferred choice for insurance coverage in the region. Visit to learn more about manufacturing insurance for Delta, Wauseon, Archbold, Defiance, Napoleon and surrounding areas.

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