Auto insurance

As prices rise nationwide, Allstate offers ways to save on car insurance

NORTHBROOK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As U.S. inflation climbs and consumer prices rise, Allstate shares four ways Americans can save on car insurance right now:

  1. Usage-Based Insurance: If you don’t drive a lot, consider switching to a usage-based insurance (UBI) plan like Allstate’s Milewise where you pay based on the miles you drive. Low-mileage drivers can save 50% over traditional policies with Milewise, making telematics-based UBI a cost-effective option for those who work from home, have shorter commutes or are retired.
  2. Safe driving habits: From a short drive to the grocery store to a long drive this summer, you can save with a telematics-based program like Allstate’s Drivewise. Save up to 40% with combined discounts for maintaining a safe driving record and maintaining safe speeds, stops and driving hours, including up to 10% just for activating Drivewise in the mobile app from Allstate. In addition to providing greater control over the cost of your auto insurance, Drivewise also gives you personalized insights into how you can drive safer.
  3. Combine insurance policies: Many insurers offer significant savings to customers who take out more than one policy. You can save up to 25% when you bundle your home and auto policies with Allstate.
  4. Ask your agent to review your policy for available discounts: An insurance agent is your go-to resource to help review your insurance coverage and identify potential discounts. At Allstate, you may be eligible for a variety of discounts on your auto policy, including if you:

    Have a lock in your car

    Insure a young driver who takes a safe driving course or maintains good grades

    Sign up for paperless billing and set up automatic payments

From discounts to explanations of policy options, Allstate wants to help you choose the right amount of coverage while saving you money.