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Allianz addresses the sustainability of car insurance

The majority of damage caused by motor vehicle collisions is small to medium in scale and primarily affects the exterior parts of the vehicle. For such damage, there are green repair options – repairing the damaged part rather than replacing it with a new one. Producing a new part has a significantly higher CO2 footprint than repairing it, Allianz said.

“Although these repair options are already in use today, we still see great potential for improvement here,” Roehler said. “If insurers increase repair rates in Europe by just two percentage points per year, according to our experts’ calculations, almost 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of approximately 5,100 households. This underpins our proposal to increase green repairs in the future.

Another method to ensure more sustainable claims management is the standardized certification of workshops in European markets according to sustainability criteria, Allianz said.

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“Allianz, together with other automotive industry stakeholders, wants to create common standards across Europe,” Roehler said. “Only in this way is it possible for us to consciously include compliance with sustainability criteria in the choice of a workshop.”

The European Union’s climate law states that Europe should become climate neutral by 32050 and that there should be a reduction of at least 55% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 , compared to 1990 levels. Allianz co-founded the Net Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) convened by the United Nations to contribute to this goal by promoting the decarbonization of insurance portfolios.

“We take a holistic approach to the topic of sustainable mobility,” Roehler said. “And one thing is clear: without sustainable mobility and a constant expansion of electric mobility, the EU’s ambitious goals cannot be achieved. To make electric mobility sustainable for the masses, all market players need to create user-friendly solutions. These include, among others, faster expansion of charging infrastructure, competitive prices and useful services related to electric vehicles.

Allianz is teaming up with experts and other brands to create a dedicated digital platform for electric vehicles, the company said. The platform will provide customers with comprehensive information on electric mobility and offer an organized marketplace for everything related to electric vehicles. It will go live in 2023, starting with Germany. Over the next year, Allianz Partners will facilitate the deployment of the platform in many other markets.

“With this platform, Allianz aims to help customers decide in favor of sustainable mobility by offering them a wide range of information, products and services related to electromobility, all in one place”, said Roehler said.