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After Amber Heard accuses the insurance company of making her homeless, fans are convinced she’s lying and still has a lot of money to spare

Amber Heard’s actions are reportedly catching up with her. The Aquaman The actress owes $7 million, money she got in her divorce settlement from Johnny Depp and pledged to charities like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the hospital for children of Los Angeles. After the libel trial verdict, Amber Heard also owes Johnny Depp $8.35 million in damages.

With zero projects or work prospects lined up, there is a natural question as to how would she pay all that she owes on top of her huge accrued legal bills and living expenses. website estimates Amber Heard’s current net worth at minus $6 million.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard sued by her insurance company

News of Amber Heard selling her house recently caught on. Speculation and jokes that she was homeless continued. And now she faces another world of trouble after her insurance company dumped her.

During the highly publicized 6-week libel trial against Johnny Depp, his legal fees were reportedly covered by his landlord’s insurance. And apparently Amber Heard thought insurance would cover her damages as well, but she was swept off that soft carpet. Instead of paying the amount Heard owes Johnny Depp in damages, insurance company New York Marine And General Insurance Co. filed a lawsuit against Heard in federal court, claiming they weren’t no longer bound to defend Amber Heard because the damages she owes Depp are the results of her own actions. Their official statement says:

“A real controversy has arisen and now exists between Claimant, on the one hand, and Heard, on the other, with respect to the duties and obligations owed between Claimant and Heard under the Indemnity Policy. Plaintiff argues that he has no obligation to defend Heard based on California Insurance Code 533. The state code provides that an insurer is not liable for a loss caused by the willful act. of the insured.

It was also revealed that the insurance company initially offered to hire another lawyer, but Heard refused and insisted on hiring Elaine Bredehoft.

Another insurance company, Travelers Commercial Insurance, is suing New York Marine for trying to force them to pay half of Amber Heard’s defense costs. Clearly no one wants to associate with Amber Heard. Attorney Andrew Lieb spoke to Newsweek about Amber Heard’s insurance debacle.

“It’s a lesson Ms Heard is now learning the hard way. Simply, your insurance is not a license to intentionally hurt others.

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No money and mounting bills

Amber Heard

Amber Heard apparently has no source of income in sight

A source recently revealed to Globe Review, Heard is now facing a serious financial crisis and she has no idea where her next paycheck will come from. Several publishers reportedly offered her a book deal after the trial, but they might not be enough to repay the mammoth amount she owes to multiple parties. The source said,

“Her book deal is expected to bring in at least a few million, and there are various one-off business partnerships in the works, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what she needs to raise.”

Given Heard’s current financial situation, no bank would give her a loan because there is no sure way for her to repay it. The insider further stated,

“In addition to Johnny’s huge $10 million payout, she has legal bills and living expenses coming out of her ears. She’s depleted her checking and savings accounts and it’s unlikely ‘she convinces the banks that she is capable of repaying a loan.

Now Amber Heard has no choice but to fall on the backs of her wealthy friends to help her out, but the insider thinks even that isn’t a viable option.

“It leaves her dependent on the goodwill of her filthy, rich buddies, the ones who stay anyway. And these guys didn’t get rich by being charitable. She is also reaching out to other friends in the United States and abroad. Amber realizes she’s going to have to beg and crawl.

After selling her remote home in the Yucca Valley desert and being branded homeless, Heard is currently vacationing in Israel and was spotted with close friend Eve Barlow. Fans are speculating that Heard is looking for her next cash cow.

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Amber Heard accused of shedding crocodile tears

Amber heard cry

Amber Heard accused of playing the victim by pushing the broke narrative

Despite all the news about Heard’s new state of poverty, several fans are still not convinced that Amber Heard is broke. Speculation suggests that she is just playing the victim in public to pull off some sort of scam and avoid paying her damages.

A netizen wrote about Heard selling his house in the desert, “The house was purchased by a trust and was only used so she could take out a home insurance policy to pay her legal fees. Whoever owned the trust would distribute the money to them. She is not “homeless”. She drinks and dines on vacation in Israel.

Another fan said, “The title is ‘Homeless’ if she is homeless then why is she in Israel? This woman doesn’t know what homelessness really is! And if you don’t have any money, why does she run errands? Even if it’s at TJMAXX? I’m sure she has a lot of clothes! And where is her baby? She is always out or on vacation, her baby is nowhere to be found. Was she also a lie?

Some fans believe that Amber Heard is actually hiding a lot of money that she stole from Johnny Depp during their marriage. In 2017, Depp sued his former business manager Joel Mandel, claiming that Mandel and his brother Robert Mandel had spent his money without permission through their company The Management Group. Joel Mandel testified as a witness for Heard at the trial, leading to speculation that Heard was also complicit in the theft of Depp’s money.

Related to these speculations, one fan wrote, “She hides money somewhere, she stole JD’s money which she never spent in her married life with JD. Narcissists will never spend their own money.”

Another person wrote, “She probably hides the stolen funds overseas and with her family/friends, while pretending to be bankrupt. She deserves a significant prison sentence.

Amber Heard better have the money the way netizens think, for her own good. But if she really doesn’t, there aren’t many options left for her.

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