Auto insurance

A reader describes the problems with the new car insurance law


Michigan’s new auto insurance law has had profound implications for accident survivors, health care providers, taxpayers, and more. Since July 2021, nearly 18,000 seriously injured survivors have lost needed services and more than 100 care providers have closed or are no longer accepting clients without fail.

The law imposed a fee schedule on rehabilitation facilities, home care agencies, family care providers, and more, cutting their reimbursement by a staggering 45%, a move that decimated the post-career industry. acute Michigan and left thousands of people without needed care. More than 6,000 patients requiring 24/7 care are losing caregivers and vital services. What company or organization could resist this drastic salary cut?

Limits are also placed on paid attendant care at home provided by family and friends to 56 hours per week, even when 24/7 care is prescribed. My son is 42 – he was 21 months old when he suffered his brain injury. There would have been over 43,680 shift changes in my home, potentially with a huge volume of different caregivers with no family care available. There are no care providers available who will accept disabled automobile survivors who are needed with the 56-hour family care restrictions. Family care is also reduced, with a family only receiving $4.60 an hour. Thus, they have no choice but to care for their family members without pay. The impact translates into the loss of their house, their car and the fact that they are forced into bankruptcy. They are physically, emotionally and financially exhausted.

Some survivors were dropped off at hospital emergency rooms because they had nowhere to go. Others were stored in ill-equipped and ill-staffed nursing homes to provide complex care. Many even died.

It’s not just those affected by the 45% reimbursement cut or families limited to 56 hours of paid home care who are suffering. Seniors who need home help, people who need long-term care like stroke survivors and others have seen their options for care disappear. It also affects you. All of us have just lost lifetime medical coverage from our auto insurance.

Even if you can afford the extra premiums, your loved ones may not be covered because we can’t find care.

Karl Adams