Auto insurance


Number of employees: 1,500


Number of employees: 850


Number of employees: 2,600


Number of employees: N / A


Number of employees: 6,000


Number of employees: 350


Number of employees: 2,500


Number of employees: 700


Number of employees: 35,000


Number of employees: 1,119

To better understand how the insured people really perceive insurance companies in the fields of damage, life and health insurance, Forbes and Statista have interviewed more than 15,000 consumers for the second annual report on the best companies in ‘assurance aux États-Unis.

  • Financial advice
  • Customer service

According to Forbes, the best rated insurance companies have all adopted digital processes to offer experiences that meet the expectations of modern consumers.

“The capacity of customers to avoid face-to-face meetings, to submit complaints online and, in general, to” do themselves’ has been disruptive for those who are slow to adopt the technology, “notes the report.

Although technology gives certain companies an advantage with the insured, it does not isolate them from the range of problems that weigh on the automotive insurance sector, according to Insurance Information Institute (triple-I).

Ces problèmes incluent l’augmentation des coûts des sinistres due à l’augmentation de la fréquence et de la gravité des accidents. According to Triple-I, more accidents lead to more deaths and injuries on the roads, which leads to greater involvement of lawyers in complaints.

In addition to this, car insurers are also faced with supply chain problems and more expensive repairs due to technology vehicles.

The above slideshow reveals the best classified automotive insurance companies, according to the second annual Forbes/Statista survey on the best American insurance companies.