Auto insurance

2022 Auto Insurance Trends Report


Insurify is America’s top-rated destination for the largest selection of accurate insurance quotes and expert advice, and operates as a named licensed insurance agent in all 50 states. With direct integrations with all major insurance companies, Insurify offers a real-time, personalized comparison and shopping experience for auto, home and life insurance policies.

Over 11 million policyholders have used Insurify since 2017. Insurify’s insurance experts and data scientists are also a valuable source of consumer education, providing data-driven insights and fresh insights into statistics. and general trends in the insurance industry as a whole.


Create 2022 car insurance trends from Insurify ReportInsurify’s research team looked at more than 40 million rate auto insurance applications in its proprietary database over the past year.

Make sure driver requests come from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.and include information about the car owner’s vehicle, seven-year driving history, and demographic information.

Premiums recorded on Insurify’s comparison platform are quoted through integrations with insurance companies. The average cost of premiums by location, driving history, or demographic subset reflects all the premiums that insurance companies have offered to drivers in that subset.

Data on driver experiences and consumer behavior comes from an Insurify survey 1,200 attendees in July 2022.

Unless otherwise stated, all statistics and percentages contained in this report are based on Insurify customer data and surveys.